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Nerdsbay Fair
Virtual Career Fair event for Tech Talents and companies
What to expect from the event?

  • 600+ international ICT specialists ready to start ASAP
  • 60% of a Senior level
  • Unlimited 1-1 meetings
  • Vacancies postings
  • 10 min company presentation on a main stage
  • Employer branding and wide promotion of vacancies before and after the event
What kind of candidates will be joining?
  • Embedded developers
  • Cyber security specialists
  • Mobile developers
  • DevOps / SRE / Cloud engineers
  • Machine learning / Analysts / Data science
  • GO / Java / PHP / C++/ C/ Python / Ruby, etc.
  • Frontend/ Backend/ Fullstack
  • UI/UX designers
  • Product owners / Project managers
  • and others
Previous event figures
SW Development company
Talent Acquisition Manager
It was an interesting event and a good experience for us despite not being well prepared due to short notice, but all went well. Thank you!
IT services and IT consulting
Talent & People specialist
I can recommend this event to all those who are looking for highly talented specialists for their organisations. Our company was fortunate enough to find some really great colleagues from this job fair!
TA leader
The candidate we signed from the previous event just started and has made a very positive impression in his first weeks.

Hope you also had a good summer and I'm looking forward to working with you.

Market intelligence and search platform
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Few sipmle steps to hire an international techie!
  • Register for Nerdsbay Fair
    Contact Olga Bukatkina, send information about the company and open vacancies
  • Prepare a 10 min presentation
    Make it well-structured and vivid.
    3-4 slides is enough: company values, products, tech stack, the team and open vacancies
  • Source relevant candidates and book 1-1 meetings
    Set up 1-1 meetings during the event or hold it later in a usual manner. All the profiles stay open for 3 weeks after the event
  • Process in a timely manner
    After a company makes an offer it is possible to obtain a specialist visa in a short period of time. Nerdsbay team supports in finding the best solution.
  • Create a cosy workspace for your new team member
    The whole relocation process can take up 4-8 weeks
You are in a good company!
Contact Us
Olga Bukatkina
Event host
Contact Us
Olga Bukatkina
Event host
+358 942 733077
© 2021 Nerdsbay. All rights reserved.
© 2021 Nerdsbay. All rights reserved